Shipping is free for which countries?

  • Canada
  • USA
  • France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy and Germany
  • Brazil  

All shippings are sent within 2 days.

How long does it take before my order will be delivered?

USA & Canada
8-14 business days
Europe 4-8 business days
Brazil 8-14 business days
Rest of the world 14+ business days


Our products

Why are your prices very competitive? 

For two main reasons; one because we buy in bulk and large quantities directly from craftswomen, craftsmen and cooperative and two, because operating such a business from Morocco reduces our costs compared to running it from Canada.


Are all your products from Morocco and are they hand made?

All our products come from Morocco. We don’t use intermediaries and work directly with the craftsmen. We are always looking for special products. We have a lot of product made by our own design. Most products are manufactured traditionally. That means that some products might have little imperfections and inconsistencies. This shows its authenticity. Our products are being produced in small numbers, in fact some items are unique

A lot of your products are vintage. When is a product really vintage?

Nowadays vintage is used for everything and anything. Vintage in the true sense of the word means that the product is at least 25 years old. A vintage look is something completely different than real vintage. When we name our products vintage, they really are. Retro items have been newly made, but based on old designs.