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Simplistic, Minimalist and Versatile rugs to fit any interior.

When it comes to decoration and picking fabrics and rugs, if your taste tends more towards minimalist aesthetics and decoration, you will have a crush on the Beni Ouarain designs! This authentic Berber carpet is a soft blend of tradition and refinement combining elegance and comfort.

All the wool rugs offered by MoroccoEssentials are carefully ordered and handpicked from the tiny family workshops that dot the Atlas Mountains, thus shaping its precious, unique and comfy character .

The sheep wool used in the Middle Atlas, where winters are harsh, represents a delicate raw material, very thick and perfect for creating these unique Berber rugs, these wool rugs serve two purposes either as a warm blanket or as insulation in nomad tents to protect from the cold. The Beni Ouarain carpet is also used for sleeping as a soft mattress. Tribes sometimes stack these Berber rugs to make sure they sleep on a soft, comfortable bed. Some rugs are so large that they can be used as beds for the whole family!

Made of 100% natural sheep's wool, undyed, naturally white, cream, black or brown depending on the sheeps; this high-grade wool may be considered as the very soul of this traditional carpet and it requires special attention and care to obtain a Berber carpet of the most dense, comfortable and silky.

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