In Focus: Why you should be using Moroccan Black Soap? Plus, a how to guide!

To relieve, to cleanse, to revive and invigorate your skin, there is only one organic, raw and cheap solution: Black Soap, which comes under two forms, Moroccan Black Soap or African Black Soap. Commonly known in Morocco as Sabon Beldi or Savon Noir, the Moroccan black soap comes under the shape of a non-sticky black paste with a shiny appearance and smooth texture; its main usage is as a scrub, especially in any Moroccan hammam routine, this Moroccan scrub can be used both on your face and body.

The main benefits of using Moroccan Black Soap:

  • Black soap is a powerful exfoliant
  • Eliminates dead skin and rinses your skin pores 
  • Cleans and purifies your skin gently and in depth
  • Its nutrients and vitamins, oleic acids, linoleic acids, potassium, A & E, will leave your skin silky and radiant
  • Totally eradicates toxins from your skin
  • Hydrates your skin like no other cosmetics.

Being rich in vitamin E, its main action is to protect your skin against exterior elements by reinforcing and revitalizing your skin; Argan Black Soap also slows your skin ageing course while hydrating and strengthening it, plus giving you a silky and soft skin. 

Including Black Soap in your beauty routine is vital and crucial for certain skin types because the so called Savon Noir, being 100% natural, is gentle on all types of skin, thus allowing to thoroughly clean your skin before any skin treatment.

Using Moroccan Black Soap, is an intuitive and simple process:

      1. Make sure that your skin is humid, hot and well rinsed, you can either rinse with hot or lukewarm water OR sit in a steaming bath for a few minutes
      2. Then apply a semi-thick layer of the black soap on your limbs, torso, abdomen...all parts of your body and use a bit of the soap on your face, ear, neck. Keep in mind to avoid black soap near your lips or eyes
      3. Leave on for ten minutes, let your skin absorb the vitamins A and E from the Black Soap. 
      4. Gently exfoliate with a Kessa glove preferably or any rough rug. For deep cleansing of dirty parts of the skin you can scrub more vigorously, energetic circles, to eliminate all dirt stuck in your epidermis pores, especially your back, legs and arms; scrub gently your face, ears and neck. 
      5. The impurities and the dead skin will be eliminated to leave a soft, satiny and perfectly purified skin.

This routine is a tradition, a common habit in Morocco where men, women, children rely on Black Soap at least once weekly for thorough, deep and purifying cleansing. Try this routine and you will feel gifted with a new healthy skin.

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