Rug Stories: How to clean & wash a Moroccan rug?

Rugs cumulate dust and dirt easily over the course of time, thus caring and cleaning the lovely rug in your place is an essential aspect to consider before and after getting one of those graceful handmade rugs. 

Handmade rugs imply two things:

  1. longevity, hand-knotted rugs last for decades 
  2. fragility, those rugs won't tolerate rough & intense washing.

Therefore, when it comes to washing and cleaning your Moroccan rug, especially the wool rugs, always have in mind theses non-negotiables:

  • Never put your rug in a washer, this will weaken the fibers and dilute the colours
  • Do not use conventional cleaning products & go for dry-cleaning 
  • Rely on white-vinegar and lukewarm water for gentle scrubbing
  • If cleaning your carpet scares you or feels to cumbersome, simply vacuum it gently once a week and bring to a dry cleaner twice a year!

The right care & cleaning of your rug will preserve its original aspect and beauty, check out these 8 guidelines for an optimal cleaning of your rugs:

    1. Use a vacuum cleaner in gentle brushing mode. First of all, regular maintenance of your carpet is essential, you should not wait for it to be stained before cleaning it. When a vacuum is available, you have a precious friend for your carpet,which will have to be used regularly so that the dust does not get stuck in the fibers. It is unnecessary to have a powerful vacuum cleaner, the important thing is to use a vacuum brush even for thick and fluffy carpets. If you do not have a vacuum, simply take it outside, grab your rug from the edges, and vigorously shake it to eliminate all dislodged dirts; then simply hang it outside , facing the sun for a few hours. The carpet is both an element of decoration but also of comfort, thus, for these reasons, it deserves your attention and special care. The carpet is used daily and that is why it should be cleaned regularly. On the other hand, if your carpet is of an old type, brushing mode is not recommended, sheep's wool is particularly fragile, you will need to just and gently vacuum your carpet.
    2. Deep cleaning: manual or steam,to properly unclog your wool carpet, a thorough cleaning is advised at least once every two months. To do this, simply take it outside and suspend it so that you can then, shake and slap your carpet well for a few minutes and especially on the dirtiest areas. It is also necessary to regularly vacuum your carpet it every month. If you have a steam cleaner, then you can use it for cleaning your carpet, but avoid if the coverings are made of fine fabric or natural fibers, a great alternative is a dry cleaner service at twice a year. Adding a few drops of essential oils to your cleaning product will make your carpet smell great.
    3. Marseille soap and special wool product. If your carpet is stained with coffee, sauce, chocolate, it is necessary to immediately clean the stain on the wool and, to do this, it is necessary to mop the stain and then to pass a little Marseille soap or a any gentle product for wool rugs. It is necessary to make gentle and regular movements so as not to attack the carpet and to remove the stain. Finish by drying the carpet in the sun.

    4. Another natural solution is white vinegar and warm water. For stubborn stains, white vinegar and lukewarm water will be a good compromise to loosen the carpet. You can also use Sommières earth which is very suitable for old and valuable carpets. Sommières earth is a natural clay which has a good stain-removing power.

    5. You can also rely on the popular mix of Baking soda and sparkling water. For the most encrusted tasks, then take sparkling water and rub gently with a wrung sponge. Thirty minutes after this operation, sprinkle the stains with baking soda, when the powder is completely dry, use a vacuum cleaner. 

    6. It's better to avoid detergents, unless the stain really requires it but under these conditions, always do a test of the product on a discreet part of the wool of the carpet before carrying out the complete cleaning, because, removing a stain could leave a clumsy halo on the carpet.

    7. After a good cleaning, a good drying under the sun (balcony, garden, window, terrace) is necessary, in the open air for that is the best ingredient. The carpet must be dry before it finds its place in the heart of the house. An improperly dried carpet could quickly become a moth nest and give off a bad smell in your place

    8. Please never opt for the washing machine. Berber carpets are handcrafted handmade products and softness is therefore essential for this long-term work that the weavers have realized. 

    9. If cleaning your carpet scares you or feels to cumbersome, simply vacuum it gently once a week and bring to a dry cleaner twice a year!

How to clean Moroccan Rug , How to wash wool rug

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