Rhassoul. Organic No-Poo Solution. A natural powder to heal and nourish oily hair.

Rhassoul, often written ghassoul or rassoul, is a 100% natural clay, originating from the Atlas Mountains, in Morocco. Moroccan women have adopted it since the dawn of time. Recognized as a body care, aa shiny black paste for body cleansing, or as a clay rhassoul is also very effective in taking care of our oily hair and scalp.

Known for its washing and softening properties, rhassoul is the ally of oily hair because of its many minerals which absorb and regulate excess sebum. Mostly sold in powder form, it can also play a soothing role for scalps with a tendency to dandruff or prone to itching; fortunately rhassoul is not only reserved for oily hair.  

Given its hair volume property, shine and softness to the hair, it is also very suitable for fine hair and dry hair. Natural, it has the advantage of not containing any surfactant (note: a detergent agent, generally responsible for the formation of the foam of "classic" shampoos), which makes it a product appreciated by the followers of no-poo, this method of washing hair without shampoo.

How to use rhassoul?

Rhassoul is mainly used as a hair mask. The right way to use it:

  • Mix the rhassoul powder in a bowl with a little warm water until you get a smooth paste
  • Consider using wooden utensils, as metal affects the properties of clay
  • Then apply the paste obtained on the previously combed hair, the rhassoul will be eliminated more easily
  • Spread gently the mask on the roots of the hair so that it absorbs the excess sebum
  • Finish with the tips
  • Massage the scalp very lightly, then leave on for a quarter of an hour 
  • Carry out a meticulous rinse by brushing the hair to remove all the clay residues.

Thanks to its absorbing power, rhassoul can often dry out the tips of your hair. To help with this, Argan oil will soften them. It can also be combined with orange flower water to soften the hair and give it a pleasant fragrance, to which you can complement with well-chosen essential oils, such as fine lavender, known for its antiseptic and calming properties.


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