In Focus: Argan Oil. How to choose?

Argan oil is everywhere, what used to be an Oil unique to the berber populations of Morocco, especially in the Souss Massa Draa region, holds a high spot on cosmetics shelves and beauty parlours nowadays. However choosing an Argan oil and avoiding fake oils, cheap mixtures of Argan with low quality oil, is difficult; countless online sellers and brands cheat their end customers exactly like many Argan scammers in Marrakech or elsewhere in Morocco.   

When it comes to its cosmetic purposes, Argan Oil is optimally used in its raw, unroasted liquid form; among the list of worthless Argan purchases you will find flavoured Argan oil, Argan shampoo, Argan cream... 

About to buy your Argan Oil, here is a simple guideline to ensure you pick the best oil emanating from this unique tree:

      • A clear distinction is made between cosmetic Argan oil and culinary Argan Oil, respectively non-roasted and roasted; culinary Argan Oil is always darker due to the roasting process
      • Color and scent: cosmetic Argan oil has a light yellow color and a slight nutty odor due to its origin from the Argan kernels. When you can smell its slight nutty perfume, Argan's odor is close to hazelnut. Its aroma varies through the seasons and regions, different kernels from different seasons can vary the scent slightly, making it a lighter nutty aroma or a more present aroma. However, depending on the extraction and manufacturing method, it may happen that it has a very slight smell of toasted almonds
      • Always pick cold-extraction Argan oil: if possible, check the production chain through which Argan's extraction must be done cold, which means that mechanical presses whose temperature is under 60 °C
      • Bottling: once extracted, Argan oil must be stored in glass bottles and never in plastic bottles. The date of manufacture, the use-by date, the storage period after opening the bottle, the composition, the batch number, the manufacturer's address should all be mentioned on the packaging
      • Testing in real: unlike most cosmetic oils, Argan Oil is soothing, silky and smooth. Remember, Argan oil absorbs quickly into the skin and the scent will also quickly fade as well if the oil is pure.  

At MoroccoEssentials, we rely on clear glass bottles so you can see the difference in our oil, however we always recommend storing your Argan bottle away from sunlight, since it can shorten your product's shelf-life.

Now you are ready to choose the best Argan oil like a local !

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