Morocco Essentials Blog

  • Rug Stories: How to clean & wash a Moroccan rug?

    A detailed guide on how to optimally clean any wool rug and Moroccan handmade rugs / carpets.
  • Moroccan mint tea. Easy, simple & sweet guide for a daily treat.

    A simple, concise and easy way to prepare Moroccan Mint Tea in 9 steps.
  • In Focus: Why you should be using Moroccan Black Soap? Plus, a how to guide!

    The benefits of using Moroccan Black Soap in your beauty routine and baths.

    A simple, intuitive and effective guide on how to reap all benefits from this natural and organic soap.

  • In Focus: Argan Oil. 9 ways to use it in your beauty routine!

    The many ways to use Argan Oil in your routine, for a radiant skin, graceful hair and strong shiny nails. This concise and short guide will show you the simple ways you can make the best use of your Argan Oil.

    Discover 9 ways to benefit from the raw natural richness of Argan, 9 ways to treat your beauty with radiance and gracefulness.

  • Rhassoul. Organic No-Poo Solution. A natural powder to heal and nourish oily hair.

    Moroccan solution for the "no-poo" adepts; as a natural shampoo-clay, rhassoul is rich in minerals and has the advantage of not containing any surfactant (note: a detergent agent, generally responsible for the formation of the foam of "classic" shampoos), which makes it a product appreciated by the followers of no-poo, this method of washing hair without shampoo.
  • In Focus: Argan Oil. How to choose?

    A simple guide on how to choose your Argan Oil and how to spot fake Argan oils.

    Using your senses to tell whether an Argan Oil is of high quality.